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“I would like to start be saying that I am one of the most skeptical people on this planet when it comes to things that cannot be seen.  I struggle to believe in things that have no tangible evidence.  Wendy has treated all of my horses since I met her, I have been amazed over and again at how she makes my horses feel, this is obvious from their reactions.  After a few sessions, I showed an interest in being able to achieve this myself and she managed to convince me to take the Reiki course with her.
Wendy has a way of making people feel comfortable and relaxed in her company.  The day was very informal with plenty of refreshments and opportunity to reflect on the teachings and of course, lots of questions!  After the course, Wendy makes it very clear that she is there to answer questions anytime and for support.  I recently struggled to treat due to not seeing a result in my horse but she was able to re-assure me and I am back helping my horses & children, which was what I wanted to achieve.
I would highly recommend learning Reiki with Wendy.”  Verity Anstey, November 2015

"Wendy has worked with a number of our horses now.  
She has always been able to identify the root cause of the problem and treat it effectively.  She takes time to explain what the issues are with each horse and how she is treating it, and to discuss and agree rehabilitation and work plans to help us get the best results, whether that is a rehabilitation case on box rest, or one of our eventers currently out competing.  We have seen significant improvements in all of our horses, with AD in particular there has been a huge improvement in his overall movement and his jump."  Jessica Davies

“I thoroughly enjoyed learning Reiki 1 with Wendy; she has a huge depth of knowledge in this subject, which she shares with enthusiasm and passion. Prior to the teaching session, materials were provided for home study. These were informative, allowing me to study in my own time, at my own pace and ensured that the day of teaching was at the right level to really get something out of it. Wendy teaches with a perfect combination of enlightenment and fun, in an environment that is both secure and welcoming.
I can highly recommend Wendy as a Reiki master and teacher and I am still feeling the benefits from her teaching.”  Nina Rawstrone

"Thank you Wendy for the amazing difference you have made not only to my pony's life but as a result to mine too! Cowboy is my first pony and was bought for myself and my 9 year old son to share. I thought I had made a huge mistake in buying him. He was very badly behaved in the school, wouldn't stand still to be mounted, impossible to catch and I daren't put my nine year old on him. After falling off several times I lost my confidence and became a very nervous rider! My riding teacher recommended Cowboy see Wendy. Wendy identified and treated a painful shoulder issue. She also taught me several exercises and stretches to help him between visits. Almost immediately his behaviour began to improve and after her second visit I had the pony I hoped for. No more difficult behaviour, comes to call and finally my son can enjoy riding him! Cowboy will be seeing Wendy regularly from now on to keep his shoulder issue under control - honestly Wendy you are a miracle worker!!!"  Victoria Dickerson - August 2015

“I did not know what to expect from the course at it was my first time, but because it was the whole day I thought it would it be quite intense, however it just proved me wrong as from the moment I arrived Wendy welcomed me in a very peaceful place and her personality glowed with calm and peaceful energy.
The course material was easy to follow and the explanations too, I felt that the whole day just went in a flash.  I received a follow up email from Wendy a few weeks later, just at a time when I was struggling with some personal issues and we arranged a follow up session 1:1 to work through these tings.  I was great to have that ongoing support.
I will definitely come back for the next course as soon I get time from my busy life as I am enjoying every single moment of Reiki. Brilliant courses. Many thanks, Wendy, for coming to my path.  Mariana Wilkes

"Donald was a different horse on hack today.... so much lighter in the hand, stretching and carrying himself more....  Whatever you did to his neck last night did the trick..... He was a complete joy!!  Thanks you!"  Natascha Ryder - September 2014

'I asked Wendy to come and give my mare Fi the 'once over' as I'm bringing her back into work, and wanted to check that all was well.  I heard of Wendy via a friend, and when I checked her website I was very impressed at the breadth and depth of Wendy's skill set and knowledge; she is able to address all kinds of issues with horses, be that skeletal, soft tissue or energy related.  When the consultation came, I was very pleased with Wendy's work.  Wendy was able to improve Fi's posture dramatically in one session; her wither grew by about an inch!  She also showed me some areas where Fi was tight in her back and what I can do to help keep her comfortable.  She also gave me some simple 'doable' exercises to help sustain the improvement.   She has a lovely manner with the horse who thoroughly enjoyed the consultation.  If you have any concerns with your horse, or just want peace of mind that all is well, then I'd highly recommend that you book Wendy!  Helen Stowell - July 2014

Wendy saw my 5 horses, treating each as an individual with the utmost consideration of their needs and personalities and they all loved their treatments, . Wendy explained clearly what she was doing, any niggles she found and showed me some exercises to help my boys. Wendy is a lovely lady, very professional and compassionate and I have no hesitation in recommending her, in fact I already have.  Carol Shore - May 2014

Wendy first worked on my mare Prima because she was losing topline and weight.  Wendy worked on her neck, withers, lumbars and her general well-being.  Wendy worked along side my vet and trainer to ensure the best overall approach.  Wendy also suggested having our saddle checked as she felt that it might be pinching.  Between that and Wendy's magical touch over a few months Prima was back competing at Inter1, not only competing, but getting great results.  Thank you Wendy!   Susan Chant - 2013

Hi Wendy Thank you so much for everything over the last week with Pip - as usual nothing ever seems too much trouble for you where our horses or indeed us are concerned which is why we think so much of you  We have told our vet that in our absence he can deal with you as regards our horses so I guess that makes you family or at least Godmother to the girls !!! Love and best wishes xxx  Nigel Jane & Sian Gibson - November 2013

Thank you Wendy, your intuitive help, support,advice and "out of the box" thinking has helped us to see a massive change in George. Your genuine interest and care afterwards is a rare luxury for which we are extremely grateful. I look forward to you treating our horses for many years to come Liz Marsh - August 2013

When Wendy first came to treat Diesel he was extremely tense and hollow through his back, with limited swing in his hind quarters, he also suffers with mild stringhalt. 
Even after his first session there was such a remarkable difference, and by the end of his course of treatments he was supple and soft over his hind quarters and able to stretch and work over his back. A much happier horse and with his canter work greatly improved. I cannot recommend Wendy enough, her gentle approach and her ‘nothing is too much trouble’ where both the horse and owner are concerned, makes the whole experience a pleasure.  Sharon Pike - February 2013

"I originally asked Wendy to look at one of my horses having seen the difference she had made to the horse of a client that I teach.  Initially Wendy resolved an intermittent, low level lameness which my mare had been suffering from. At a later date, after a jumping competition, my mare had a sore back and was tight though her neck. Normally a tense and stressy mare, she relaxed and accepted the Reiki treatment. The next day, she felt like a different horse to ride - stretching and working through her frame, coming up through her shoulders and lengthening her (normally tense) neck.  I have since recommended Wendy to other clients of mine who have had similarly successful outcomes."  Felicity Ruffe - November 2012

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