Wendy Vaughan -

Prices and Cancellation Policy

Every animal is unique and has different requirements, treatment plans are always tailored to meet your specific requirements.   Having discussed you requirements, we can agree the best approach for you and your horse.

Initial Assessment and Treatment Visit                                                up to 90 mins      £60

Follow Up and Routine Appointments                                                        c.60 mins      £50

Follow Up Appointment including INDIBA  treatment one small area         c.90 mins     £65
                                                                                        e.g. one hock

Follow Up Appointment including INDIBA  treatment one larger area        c.90 mins     £75
                                                                                        e.g. SI area

Specific INDIBA treatment (e.g. hock, suspensory, SI)                           30-60mins  £50-60
   - prices vary depending on treatment area and estimated length of treatment time
   - discounts available when booking a course of treatment
   - discounts available where treatment takes place at a designated clinic
   - please discuss your specific requirements and a quote can be given.

INDIBA treatment multiple treatment areas                                                c.90mins      £75

DISCOUNTS are available for multiple bookings.

Additional travel/mileage charges may apply beyond a 15 mile radius of Trowbridge.

On performing an initial assessment, where treatment is not deemed appropriate, for example where your horse is referred to your vet, at Wendy's discretion, the fee may be reduced to a call-out only fee at £30.

All treatments must be paid for on the day or prior to treatment unless previously arranged.   Cash, cheques, PayPal or bank transfer are all accepted.

Whilst it is understood that emergencies can happen, appointments cancelled within 24 hours may will be subject to a £30 cancellation fee.


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