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Dates are now available on my website along with details and booking instructions for:

  • Reiki I and II
  • Introduction to Reiki with Animals and Advanced Reiki with Animals
  • Reiki Practice Sessions

Please visit the "Learning Reiki" page on my website for more information.

I hadn't even heard of Reiki until I met Wendy! 
She asked if she could treat my horse with Reiki one day (whilst on chiropractic duties) and I was amazed at the difference when I rode the next day. 
She later treated me and it helped enormously. Some people later suggested I did a Reiki course, but when I investigated it they all sounded a bit airy-fairy for me. Wendy offered to give me some instruction and gave me some reading to do. We then met up and she discussed various aspects with me in a thoughtful but nonsense free way, followed by the attunements. We met again so I could play with what she had taught me on some horses unknown to me - it was amazing! 
Wendy knew I would struggle to believe what I felt if it had been my horses as I know too much about them, so by going to horses she knew the history of, which I did not, she could explain the things I noticed and felt, which gave me confidence in my new found ability! 
I now use Reiki on an almost daily basis, and am eternally grateful to Wendy for her training. I would highly recommend her thoughtful and grounded approach to a fabulous life tool.


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